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Alampur Constituency

Election Results for the year — 2018

Candidate Name Party
Votes Gained Votes % Result
ABRAHAM V.M. Telangana Rashtra Samithi 102105
S.A.SAMPATH KUMAR Indian National Congress 57426
HARIJANA ABRAHAM Samajwadi Forward Bloc 8803
Telangana Rashtra Samithi Majority: 44679
This constituency is famous for the Jogulamba temple and it is a SC reserved constituency after 2009. The voter base here is 2,06,886. In 2014, Sampath Kumar from Congress won with a seven thousand vote majority and he was followed by Dr Abraham from TDP. Abraham was also an MLA from Congress in 2009. From TRS, Manda Srinath, son of Manda Jagannadham, contested last year and took the third place.

This election, Sampath Kumar is back in the race, Dr Abraham has joined TRS and he is also contesting.

Dr Abraham has a very good record of being a service oriented man and a doctor by profession.

But the point to note is, Challa Venkatram Reddy, grandson of former President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, is supporting Sampath Kumar. If his support increases it looks like Sampath's strength may increase and he may get a bigger lead.

From BJP, it is just another nominal candidate named Rajini Madhava Reddy.

Primary fight is going to be between Congress and TRS. Interestingly, Srinath didn't get a ticket this time but he has not protested about it. Insiders hint that Jogulamba may bless Dr Abraham this time. Let us see what the mandate says.

Election Results for the year — 2014

Candidate Name Party Total Votes Polled - 157379, Majority -
Votes Earned Votes % Result
S.A.Sampath Kumar Indian National Congress 57419 36.50% Won
V.M.Abraham Telugu Desam 50689 32.20%
Manda Sreenath Telangana Rashtra Samithi 38136 24.20%